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Rely on us to avail quality - Granite Stone, Granite Natural Stone, marked Granite, Marbles, Handicrafts, etc...

About Us

We, Raj Stonex, are operating in challenging national and international market structures by applying tool of innovation in almost all business spheres. Quality manufacturing, seamless handling of business affairs and consistent approach towards maintenance of high quality are some of the factors, which speak high about our business. Worldwide, we are known as one of the largest processor and stockist of Beige Colour Marble and other quality of granite and marbles. Our modernly designed production plant finds home in Kishangarh, which is 90 Km in distance from the pink city, Jaipur (North Western Part of India). A huge variety of Granite Stone, Marbles and Granite Natural Stone served from our end enables customers to choose desired product in both desired quantity and quality.

Our business entity enjoys high products' sale from many parts of India and abroad. Customers residing across the globe prefer partnering with us because of our excellent knowledge of marble and granite industries, which make us attentive towards specific needs of clients and help us to complete on time their small and large projects' requirement.

As a reliable manufacturer and exporter, we work hard to suffice different needs of designers and architects by keeping a large stock of Katni Marbles, P White Granite, Ice Blue Granite, etc. All these offerings are high on value because superior material selection and excellent processing by qualified engineers. In addition to this, we also serve quality Handicrafts.

Quality Is Our Hallmark

Customers' happiness is our major concern of business. To keep customers' level of happiness always high, we keep 'Quality' of products in place. Rigid quality examining methods are applied at almost every stage; from quarrying to packaging for avoiding possibilities of errors.

Understanding quality concerns of clients, we provide services of quality control and stringent inspection to buyers, for the stones and handicrafts exported by other factories of India. Third party quality checking and in-house stringent quality control together assists in making customers feel the best by investing in our products.

Granite/Marble Processing Unit
  • Receipt of Raw Marble Blocks/Granite From Mines: With the assistance of gantry cranes, stones are stocked in a gantry yard.
  • Dressing of Marble Blocks: Natural defects are removed from the marbles with the dressing from all sides, which takes place with the help of dressing machine operator.
  • Sawing Process: Blocks both dressed and reinforced are shifted to Gangsaw trolley as per the size of machine. Mixture of plaster of Paris, wooden wedge and wood wool are used to fix blocks on the trolley at an appropriate angle.
  • Filling Process of Marble Slabs: For strengthening slabs in order to make them enable for harmless handling and transportation, Chemical A28 is applied on both sides of marbles.
  • Polishing Process: Modern polishing machines are put into use for making surfaces of Chena Pink Granite, Wonder Marbles, etc., have high shine and smoothness.
  • Cutting Granite Blocks: As per the size of the cutting machine, reinforced and dressed blocks are shifted to the trolley. Blocks are made to get fixed on the trolley at the suitable angle with help of a wooden wedge and support of mixture of Plaster of Paris.

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